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Teaching Peer Feedback: How We Can Do Better

Such activities among students can leave us dissatisfied and frustrated, write Katherine Shwetz and Maria Assif. The fact is that they require guidance and structure.

Small Colleges Share Online Programs,
Powered by a Company

Several colleges have increased enrollment and reaped financial gains from using Rize Education’s courses in high-demand fields, largely overcoming faculty concerns about loss of control.

Arizona Global Campus Absorbs Its Outsourced Online Program Manager

University buys assets of publicly traded Zovio to bring management of its roughly 28,000 online students in-house, citing online program management’s “inherent conflict.” Glad you finally noticed, critics say.

What Have We Learned About Online Learning?

Two experts discuss the digital divide (including for adjuncts), the importance of training and how to ensure online education is a force for equity, not a deterrent to it.

Pandemic Boost for Digital Course Materials

Instructors’ awareness and use of open educational resources and their recognition of the efficacy of digital texts rose sharply this year, an annual survey finds.


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