English literature and composition

Academics work to detect ChatGPT and other AI writing

Human- and machine-generated prose may one day be indistinguishable. But that does not quell academics’ search for an answer to the question “What makes prose human?”

An artist's depiction of a brain from above. On the left side of the brain, straight black-and-white lines suggest technology. On the right, curved lines and colors suggest human creativity.

How K-12 book bans affect higher education

Some educators fear removing controversial books from the K-12 curriculum will harm student development and critical thinking—and rob them of the cultural capital colleges expect them to possess.


Philip Roth's relationship to academe? It's complicated

Several of novelist Philip Roth's books called out academics as misguided, hyper-political or overtly ambitious. But professors say he was happy to be taught at colleges.


MLA Delegate Assembly rejects boycott of Israeli universities


Vote by Delegate Assembly was 113-79. Body approves another measure, calling on association to refrain from the boycott.


Arizona State U. backs down from some details of a controversial plan for writing instructors

Arizona State, facing criticism, agrees to pay more to some composition instructors assigned extra sections. But the university refuses to back down on courseloads that violate disciplinary standards.


Arizona State tells non-tenure-track writing instructors to teach an extra course each semester


Arizona State tells non-tenure-track English instructors to shift from 4-4 to 5-5 course load, without increase in compensation and in violation of professional codes on how many writing students one can effectively teach.


MLA sees decline in job listings in English and languages


MLA's annual jobs report shows dips in hiring for both English and foreign languages.


Court rejects suit over 'Hot for Teacher' essay

Federal judge rejects First Amendment challenge from student who was suspended after he wrote about his affections and physical feelings for his instructor.

Writing professors question plagiarism detection software

Writing professors issue warning about plagiarism detection software.

Professors at odds on machine-graded essays

Prominent writing instructor challenges a much-discussed study that found machines can grade student writing about as well as humans.


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