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Anthropologists prepare to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities

At American Anthropological Association meeting, scholars prepare to vote on a resolution calling for the group to boycott Israeli universities.


American Studies Association backs boycott of Israeli universities


American Studies Association members vote by a two-to-one margin to endorse the boycott of Israeli universities.

Prominent anthropologist resigns in protest from National Academy of Sciences

One prominent anthropologist, Marshall Sahlins, resigns from National Academy of Sciences to protest its election of another prominent anthropologist, Napoleon Chagnon, as well as the group's military partnerships.

Interview with controversial anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, author of 'Noble Savages'

Anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon talks to Inside Higher Ed about his new book, Noble Savages, and his lengthy and exceptionally controversial career.


Berkeley launches plagiarism investigation in light of public nature of complaints

Berkeley has launched investigation into plagiarism allegations against Terrence Deacon in response to very public campaign for Deacon to admit to alleged oversight errors in citations.

Unknowability: How Do We Know What Cannot Be Known?

Thu, 04/04/2019 to Fri, 04/05/2019


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